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The British Museum"s online store on China"s e-commerce platform Tmall.

Digital outlet proves popular with shoppers

Online shoppers in China can get their hands on souvenirs from London’s British Museum after the world famous institution launched an online shop for its products through Chinese e-commerce platform Tmall, putting it in competition with the likes of the Palace Museum in Beijing.

The online store opened in early July and on its first day attracted more than 30,000 followers, according to Chinese technology media platform 36Kr. By July 26, the store had clocked up 147,000 followers.

The store sells mobile phone shells, tapes, erasers and other items with various themes, including the Egyptian pharaoh. Photo from the British Museum"s Tmall store

With there being huge demand for British products in China, Chinese social media users are happily snapping up the products. A majority of the souvenirs have sold out including an Egyptian-style printed glass and a sports bottle with an image of the London skyline.

Shoppers have given the facility an enthusiastic welcome. Weibo user Bubi said: “They come for my wallet, can’t stop buying lots of interesting things” with another, Ami, adding “It is incredible”. On Twitter, Ran tweeted, “The British Museum just opened their Taobao store, and the price is surprisingly low.”

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