Beijing lred silicone wristbandsaunches online doctor-finder mapping service

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BEIJING -- Seeing a doctor at a hospital in Beijing can be frustrating for many patients, who might queue hours for a consultation ticket. But now an online mapping service is helping people find doctors at nearby clinics with the tap of a screen.

Launched by the Beijing Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in early June, the mapping service "Doctor Map," on WeChat, can provide users with information on 333 medical teams from eight leading traditional Chinese medicine hospitals in Beijing.

From July, more than 2,600 traditional Chinese medicine doctors from these medical teams will provide services in 333 urban community health service centers and rural hospitals every week.

By tapping a link on the administration"s WeChat account, users can see the location and outpatient registration information of all medical teams nearby.

Users can also make appointments through the service, and receive consultations in nearby communities, instead of going to hospitals.

China"s medical resources are unbalanced, with 80 percent found in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai and 30 percent going to large public hospitals. Patients are often frustrated at the difficulties with accessing treatment.

Tu Zhitao, director of the administration, said the service was the latest measure to enhance medical services delivered at grassroots level, making such services more available to the public.